Lluvia Rumbera

I knew I had some incredible footage the day I made this recording, and I was so certain I was not ready to edit it that I consciously decided to hold it "until the right time".

There is still one or two things making me uncomfortable with the final version, still I am not holding this any longer. I like this video. I want it on vixCR, now.

http://depositfiles.org/files/arou5bw1s, Filefactory

http://depositfiles.org/files/arou5bw1s, Depositfiles


Rumba épica experimental

Yes, the title says "experimental" because I am still adjusting things here and there, but even at this stage the difference in terms of sharpness (among other things) is noticeable.

I am happy with the initial results and I am even happier knowing that further improvement can and will be done.

One other thing, this is the very first time I repeat a track on a video (at least the very first time I do it consciously); the reason is simple: I love this track, Misty is one of my all time favorites, and I just could not find a better match.

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Rumba_Epica_07202012.mp4, Direct Link

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