Fellas, I am way to busy to post anything but TVcaps.


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0505_H07M30_Giros.mp4, Direct Link

0505_H07M30_Giros.mp4, Depositfiles

0505_H07M30_Giros.mp4, Filefactory


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0414_H07M30_Giros.mp4, Direct Link

0414_H07M30_Giros.mp4, Depositfiles

0414_H07M30_Giros.mp4, Filefactory

These got to be the UGLIEST swimsuits of all time. When you see a girl like Libni Ortiz (who is got a prime/beautiful derriere) looking awfully bad in a swimsuit then you should know something is wrong, VERY wrong.

What in the freaking hell is wrong with whoever decided to push these pieces on TV?


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0513_H08M13_Giros.mp4, Direct Link

0513_H08M13_Giros.mp4, Depositfiles

0513_H08M13_Giros.mp4, Filefactory


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0424_H07M30_Giros.mp4, Direct Link

0424_H07M30_Giros.mp4, Depositfiles

0424_H07M30_Giros.mp4, Filefactory


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0213_H07M30_Giros.mp4, Direct Link

0213_H07M30_Giros.mp4, Depositfiles

0213_H07M30_Giros.mp4, Filefactory


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Shirley_Alvarez_7Estrellas.mp4, Direct Link

Shirley_Alvarez_7Estrellas.mp4, Depositfiles

Shirley_Alvarez_7Estrellas.mp4, Filefactory

3 more!

There I was, killing some time going thru a stack of discs, and then bang!! Look what I found.


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0328_H08M3_MBD.mp4, Direct Link

0328_H08M3_MBD.mp4, Depositfiles

0328_H08M3_MBD.mp4, Filefactory


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0328_H08M30_MBD.mp4, Direct Link

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0328_H08M30_MBD.mp4, Filefactory


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0404_H08M00_MBD.mp4, Direct Link

0404_H08M00_MBD.mp4, Depositfiles

0404_H08M00_MBD.mp4, Filefactory

And the last one is a request, a clip with a broken link, so I put hands to work, so the clip is back but now in 1080 ;)


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0313_H19M58_Alvarez.mp4, Direct Link

0313_H19M58_Alvarez.mp4, Depositfiles

0313_H19M58_Alvarez.mp4, Filefactory

Solo capturas de TV / TV captures only

Sorry mops, no estoy con muchos animos de editar video estos días / Sorry fellas, I am not in the mood to edit video these days.

110109_A Nicole y Nadia Aldana

110109_A Aldanas, AVI 1280x720, Directlink

110109_B Nicole y Nadia Aldana

110109_B Aldanas, AVI 1280x720, Directlink

I have nothing to do with the audio in the following files, the crappy music was not my choice, I am giving you the material as recorded, as is.

Melissa Mora, Jessica Aguilera, Elena Tamez

File name: MoraAguileraTamezS.00.avi
File size:199.75 MB, Direct Link

Melissa Mora, Jessica Aguilera, Elena Tamez

File name: MoraAguileraTamezS.01.avi
File size:198.21 MB, Direct Link

Melissa Mora, Jessica Aguilera, Elena Tamez 02

File name: MoraAguileraTamezS.02.avi
File size:198.29 MB, Direct Link

Melissa Mora, Jessica Aguilera, Elena Tamez 03

File name: MoraAguileraTamezS.03.avi
File size:154.72 MB, Direct Link

Por último, me habían pedido que grabara a Shirley. Yo creí estar haciendo algo mal con el encodeo de los files, porque la calidad de la imagen esta pésima, pero hice pruebas con otros canales (gringos) y las capturas estaban perfectas, esto quiere decir que el problema está en la señal del emisor, no en mis métodos ni mi equipo; y diay, yo poco puedo hacer para resolver un problema de este tipo.

1024_H20M56 Shirley Alvarez

1024_H20M56 Shirley Alvarez, AVI 1280x720

1101_H21M11 Shirley Alvarez

1101_H21M11 Shirley Alvarez, AVI 1280x720

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