Bikinis and surf

So, in my country football is the king sport, and they (not "we", because I am not a football player, I confess) got classified to the World Cup... and their new uniforms SUCK, big time. The design of this new uniform is - to say the least - hideous.

There is also a Surf mannschaft. They probably have less than 1% of the attention football has, and they also probably have an equivalent amount of economic endorsement... and their new uniforms are AWESOME.

I wish the fellas at the Federación de Futbol could see how much they accomplished with so little.

And there is also Marcela Negrini and Andreína Samudio, two of the reasons why this site exists ;)

A los señores de la Federación de Futbol: No haría daño que agarraran volados de la Federación de Surf. Estos uniformes que presentaron ayer son como 40,000 veces mejores que los que ustedes presentaron hace unos días.

Casa Zeller 18 – Remastered

Also by request.

Casa Zeller 4

Reedited and now available in native 1080 resolution.

Toros 2013 – Varios

By request, here they are.


I know Viviana Calderon has a large and very loyal group of fans, this video is for them.


0822_H20M17_7estrellas.mp4, Depositfiles

0822_H20M17_7estrellas_720.mp4, Depositfiles

0822_H20M17_7estrellas.mp4, Filefactory

0822_H20M17_7estrellas_720.mp4, Filefactory

0822_H20M17_7estrellas.mp4, 1fichier

0822_H20M17_7estrellas_720.mp4, 1fichier

Next, Marcela Negrini. Great to see her, but what a shame that our Repretel friends decided to use their WORST camera to record this note...


1031_H07M30_Negrini.mp4, Depositfiles

1031_H07M30_Negrini_720.mp4, Depositfiles

1031_H07M30_Negrini.mp4, Filefactory

1031_H07M30_Negrini_720.mp4, Filefactory

1031_H07M30_Negrini.mp4, 1fichier

1031_H07M30_Negrini_720.mp4, 1fichier

Next, and assorted selection of beauty's.


1121_H07M30_Giros.mp4, Depositfiles

1121_H07M30_Giros_720.mp4, Depositfiles

1121_H07M30_Giros.mp4, Filefactory

1121_H07M30_Giros_720.mp4, Filefactory

1121_H07M30_Giros.mp4, 1fichier

1121_H07M30_Giros_720.mp4, 1fichier

And yet another assorted selection of hot girls.


1105_H07M30_Giros.mp4, Depositfiles

1105_H07M30_Giros_720.mp4, Depositfiles

1105_H07M30_Giros.mp4, Filefactory

1105_H07M30_Giros_720.mp4, Filefactory

1105_H07M30_Giros.mp4, 1fichier

1105_H07M30_Giros_720.mp4, 1fichier

Chamela 2013 – B

You guys have no idea how happy I am with the image finish of these files.

And here is the whole thing.


Running Time: 47 min, 59 sec.

Cost of the 1080p version: $4.10

Cost of the 720p version: $3.10

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