Reef Madness

By request, here they are RAW.

I just had to switch the audio in one of the files, because I was talking smack with a friend of mine (VAMPI!!!) during one of the sessions (believe it or not we were talking about Differential Calculus during a Reef Session... yeah, go figure!)

BTW, I think I forgot to say this  in the past: Once your payment is done, you should receive an email (at PP's registered email address) with your login credentials, along with the URL to access the files. We are talking seconds here, you make the payment, and 20 seconds later an email should arrive to your inbox.

Enough talk.

Here is a sample of what is inside.

Por cierto, seguro escucharon a un mopri gritar al 1:09 "qué se lo vuelva a entregar!!!".... pues ese fui yo...

Ahora entienden porque le cambio el audio a los videos?????? :P

Cost: $2.10

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Ca-li-dad Reef

Me pegué una breteada el fin de semana para poder traerles los videos de la elección de la Chica Reef Internacional esta semana.

Con este post continuo y corono una seguidilla de cuatro publicaciones al hilo de material original ;)

Empezamos con Melissa Guzmán.


Download Reef_Jaco_01_MG_01.avi from


Gilmara Jung (Brazil)


Download Reef_Jaco_02_GJ_01.avi from


Karla Fernández



Laura Schnider (Argentina)


Download Reef_Jaco_04_LS_01.avi from


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