Casa Zeller 15 – Remastered 1080

Ok, another "remasterization", available for the first time in 1080.

CasaZeller15_SAMPLE.mp4, Rapidgator

CasaZeller15_SAMPLE.mp4, Filefactory

And also the whole event, available in 1920x1080.









Running time: 36 min, 20 seg.
Cost $2.50

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Casa Zeller 5 – Remastered & 1080

So, I was thinking: what would happen if I ...

And then it hit me: that was recorded in 1080!!

Yes, 1080. So, here it is, remastered & 1080.

I am not sure if this link can be used by everyone, give it a try, if it does not work try the others instead.

Download from Hotfile, 720 Sample

I am not sure if this link can be used by everyone, give it a try, if it does not work try the others instead.

Download from Hotfile, 1080 Sample

And here is the the whole thing.









Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Running Time: 36 min, 56 sec.
Cost $4.50

Resolution: 1280 x 720
Running Time: 36 min, 56 sec.
Cost $3.50

Chamela 2012 – G

On the good note I believe the finish on this video is superior to previous releases.

On the bad note its pretty obvious there is a problem with motion flow at certain times... worst of all is that I think the problem has something to do with data transfer rates (meaning hardware problems, meaning additional investments :( )

Oh well! Time to do lots of measuring and testing! Yeah! (sarcasm).

Casa Zeller 22 – Full (Updated)

Some old school music for a change.

Download From Hotfile

And here is the whole event.






Resolution: 1920x1080
Total Running Time: 23:34 minutes
Cost / Costo: $2.50

Resolution: 1280x720
Total Running Time: 23:34 minutes
Cost / Costo: $1.50

Maxx Sexiness

El haber perseguido a las chiquillas de la forma vil y descarada en que lo hice calificará como acoso? De ser así, en mi defensa tengo que decir que ellas tienen la culpa! Es injusto e ingrato que nos saquen los ojos de la forma en que lo hacen!

Justicia para los hombres agredidos!!!

(Gracias chiquillas, mega-guapas todas!)

Download Maxx_Sexiness.avi from



qué sería lo que comieron las chiquillas ayer??

Joder... ayer era como ... como para volverse loco... qué relajo, que tormento... qué BARBARAS

For christ sake, yesterday the girls were ... driving me INSANE... they were looking all so good, SO GOOD... good God...

File name: Guacima_14_Nov.avi
File size:209.65 MB

Download Guacima_14_Nov.avi from

Por cierto, los resultados de la fecha (muy importante):

En la categoría GT1 se premió con el primer lugar a la dupla de Carlos Zaid y Andrés Saravia, la segunda posición fue para Amadeo Quirós y el tercer lugar para Emilio Valverde y RJ López.

Por su lado, la categoría GT2 recibió en el podium a:

1. Erick Samayoa
2. Eduardo Vieto
3. Juan Ramón Poveda

La GT3 premió a:

1. Kevin Beriult
2. Giancarlo Valenciano
3. Richard Eisenberg

Y en motovelocidad:

1000 cc

1. Alejandro Gómez
2. Alberto Zamora
3. Adrián Lobo

600 cc

1. Sergio Gómez
2. Stream Nyo
3. Erick Jiménez

Pasarela Tentación

Una vez más, gracias a los señores de la Extra.

DISCLAIMER: I have nothing to do with audio in these files. I am bringing you this "as is"

Download Tentacion_E42.S.00.avi from

File name: Tentacion_E42.S.00.avi
File size:119.27 MB

Download Tentacion_E42.S.01.avi from

File name: Tentacion_E42.S.01.avi
File size:115.02 MB

Download Tentacion_E42.S.02.avi from

File name: Tentacion_E42.S.02.avi
File size:82.37 MB

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