Rumberitas H20

Finding out that one of my all time favorite videos had nothing but broken links triggered a call to action: instead of just refreshing the links I have reencoded the source into a new file with better compression and now also available in 1080p.

BTW, I have been doing a lot of work in the backshop, and I am also preparing something new for the next week.

Rumberitas_H2O_2014_1080.mp4, Depositfiles

Rumberitas_H2O_2014_720.mp4, Depositfiles

Rumberitas_H2O_2014_1080.mp4, Filefactory

Rumberitas_H2O_2014_720.mp4, Filefactory

And something else...








Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Running Time: 33 min, 46 sec
Cost: $3.50

Resolution: 1280 x 720
Running Time: 33 min, 46 sec
Cost: $2.50

Grande Lynda Diaz!

Last night this tv show brought memories of the the good old "Muy buenos días" (a TV morning show in Colombia) days...

Thank you Lynda Diaz, and thank you Fabiola and Tasha.

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0823_H19M08_Intrusos.mp4, Direct Link

0823_H19M08_Intrusos.mp4, Depostifiles

Y un video de Combate. Yo tengo que confesar que lo he visto toda la semana porque la presentadora de Ecuador esta INCREIBLE, qué mujer más guapa.

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0823_H19M08_Combate_MariaJose.mp4, Direct Link


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