ES Day 1, Bikini/Short – UPDATED

The nightmare is finally over.

Bye bye Windows 7, welcome back XP, welcome back X264.

And HELLO Karla Cardenas, IT Engineer.... Smart and GORGEOUS!

(she is the girl in the top banner).

Here is a new (color-improved) version of yesterdays video.

Download ES_Bikini_1_V2.avi from

File name: ES_Bikini_1_V2.avi
File size:106.48 MB

And now, as promised, here are the raw-videos of each one of the contestants featured above.

Download ES_Bikini_2_Cardenas.avi from

File name: ES_Bikini_2_Cardenas.avi
File size:37.33 MB

Download ES_Bikini_2_Meme.avi from

File name: ES_Bikini_2_Meme.avi
File size:36.91 MB

Download ES_Bikini_2_Rodriguez.avi from

File name: ES_Bikini_2_Rodriguez.avi
File size:53.05 MB

Download ES_Bikini_2_Round1.avi from

File name: ES_Bikini_2_Round1.avi
File size:53.28 MB

Download ES_Bikini_2_Round2.avi from

File name: ES_Bikini_2_Round2.avi
File size:37.57 MB

Download ES_Bikini_2_Sancho.avi from

File name: ES_Bikini_2_Sancho.avi
File size:41.21 MB

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