Chamela 2014 – Mujeres Reales

So, the good news is I was there, I had my cameras with me and the girls were looking gorgeous.

The bad news is I got way to ambitious with one camera and the final outcome was not as good as expected... still, the quality is slightly above the standard, IMHO.

Chamela_2014_Final_B_1080.mp4, Depostifiles

Chamela_2014_Final_B_720.mp4, Depositfiles

Chamela_2014_Final_B_1080.mp4, Filefactory

Chamela_2014_Final_B_720.mp4, Filefactory


And here is the whole thing.

Disclaimer: These files HAVE NO AUDIO. To avoid further copyright problems I will be removing audio from the files from now on.

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