Casa Zeller 5

So, I was thinking: what would happen if I ...

And then it hit me: that was recorded in 1080!!

Yes, 1080. So, here it is, remastered & 1080.

And here is the the whole thing.

These files HAVE NO AUDIO. To avoid further copyright problems I will be removing audio from the files from now on.

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Lost & found

Found and old hard drive I did not even remember I had. I could not believe what I find inside, take a look.

Some of these files have no audio. Some of them look kind of crappy.

The very first one was already here, but segmented in three different files, and compressed using a different CODEC, so I thought appropiate to redo the whole file once again.

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MBD_1.mp4, Direct Link

MBD_1.mp4, Filefactory

MBD_1.mp4, Depositfiles

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MBD_2.mp4, Direct Link

MBD_2.mp4, Filefactory

MBD_2.mp4, Depositfiles

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MBD_3.mp4, Direct Link

MBD_3.mp4, Filefactory

MBD_3.mp4, Depositfiles

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MBD_4.mp4, Direct Link

MBD_4.mp4, Filefactory

MBD_4.mp4, Depositfiles

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MBD_5.mp4, Direct Link

MBD_5.mp4, Filefactory

MBD_5.mp4, Depositfiles

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MBD_6.mp4, Direct Link

MBD_6.mp4, Filefactory

MBD_6.mp4, Depositfiles

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MBD_7.mp4, Direct Link

MBD_7.mp4, Filefactory

MBD_7.mp4, Depositfiles

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MBD_8.mp4, Direct Link

MBD_8.mp4, Filefactory

MBD_8.mp4, Depositfiles

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Muevete_Unknown.mp4, Direct Link

Muevete_Unknown.mp4, Filefactory

Muevete_Unknown.mp4, Depositfiles

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Muevete_Unknown2.mp4, Direct Link

Muevete_Unknown2.mp4, Filefactory

Muevete_Unknown2.mp4, Depositfiles

Chamela 2012 – H

Second part of the lingerie show.

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Chamela_H_2012_1080p.mp4, Direct Link
Chamela_H_2012_720p.mp4, Direct Link

Chamela_H_2012_1080p.mp4, Filefactory
Chamela_H_2012_720p.mp4, Filefactory

Chamela_H_2012_1080p.mp4, Depositfiles
Chamela_H_2012_720p.mp4, Depositfiles

And, I am not gonna keep you guys waiting for this anymore.











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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Running Time: 46 min, 27 sec
Cost: $7.30

Chamela 2012 – G

On the good note I believe the finish on this video is superior to previous releases.

On the bad note its pretty obvious there is a problem with motion flow at certain times... worst of all is that I think the problem has something to do with data transfer rates (meaning hardware problems, meaning additional investments :( )

Oh well! Time to do lots of measuring and testing! Yeah! (sarcasm).

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