Chamela 2012 – F

Lingerie. Finally. Yeah!

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Chamela_F_2012_720p.mp4, Depostifiles

And also something I put up together last night.

The video quality is not the best, the setting did not help either, I mean, there is a bed in the back... and I really don't want to give a wrong impression, because this site is not about that.

So, the idea of editing this for public broadcast was discarded, but on the other side some of these girls are so good looking it will be an awful waste not to share this with those who appreciate beauty the same way I do, so here are the files for a small fee; I just cannot give it for free because it took time an effort to get things together, I hope you guys understand.

(besides, its just 15 cents, I mean, come on, a beer is what? 50 times that?)


Total running time: 13 min, 43 sec.

Cost: $0.35

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