Rumberitas 2.0

"Beginnings", that was the right track for this video, because up to a certain point this a new beginning. I hope you guys notice some slight improvements in the overall video quality.

BTW, I am switching to .mp4; I am giving up on X264; I am feed up of getting textures poorly compressed.

Oh yes, and The Rumberitas were terrific yesterday, just take a look and you will see I am not lying.

Por cierto, lo dije antes, lo vuelvo a repetir: Francini Duran es garantía de buenas tomas. Es impresionante, no falla una. Y ese pelo negro inmaculado... que éxito.

3:13, Raquel Montoya haciendo trompitas... priceless!!!

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TV Stuff

The title says it all.

El agradecimiento para Adrian y toda la gente de Fiesta TV.

Casting – B * Updated *

I am not gonna lie: last week was like Christmas... the whole week.

I am looking forward recording all of these girls again.

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Casting_B.avi, Direct Link

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And, by popular demand, here they are: the casting videos.

Running Time: 13 min, 53 seg.

Cost: $1.50

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Running Time: 25 min

Cost: $1.50

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Running Time: 23 min

Cost: $1.20

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Running Time: 9 min

Cost: $0.75

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La cara de los asesinos, con nombre

See the two motherfuckers below? They cowardly tortured and killed a black jaguar a few days ago. I am publishing this hoping for someone with enough power to get these two in the place were they should be.

Too bad the law in my country forbids death penalty...

Vean la cara de los malditos que mataron a la pantera, con todo y nombre.

Esta pareja de miserables debería ser eliminada, pero antes deberían torturarlos de la misma forma en que ellos lo hicieron con la pantera.

Marco Tulio Ulloa Melendez, quien irónicamente dice estudiar en un colegio "Ambientalista".

Luis Guillermo Sánchez Arroyo, quien aparentemente tiene como pasatiempos torturar animales y publicar imágenes que dicen "te quiero mucho"...

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