The Besame 2010 Rehearsal

By mistake I named the file "Besame2011_Rehearsal", which is wrong, it should read 2010 instead of 2011... it gets kind of hard to believe how long I have been doing this...

What else? Oh yes, Fileserve and Filesonic... Panic all over the place, and now they are gone. That is the bad news. The good news is Hotfile and Filefactory are still there. The not so good news is Filefactory taking forever to process an upload... but is still there, at least.

Last night I tried to download something from Uploading but I had to abort after something like 50 unsuccessful attempts :S Seems like all remaining hosts are overloaded.

What else? ... Oh yes, the Davalos Twins :D Like you have never seen them before... fully dressed! :P (Bad joke, I know). Anyway, I think they look hot on those daisy dukes. I mean, I will really love to have a girl dressed like that when I get home ;)

Download from Hotfile

Download from Filefactory

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