La Chica Hooters – 2011

The place was not dark, it was something worst than that: the light was there to "set the mood", to create a "nice" ambiance... Which in terms of video recording translates into: complete shit.

Oh well, I did what I could.

Muchas chiquillas guapas en la competencia de La Chica Hooters. Lamento profúndamente no haber llevado luz conmigo.

File name: Hooters_A.avi
File size:158.02 MB

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File name: Hooters_B.avi
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File name: Hooters_C.avi
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File name: Hooters_D.avi
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File name: Hooters_E.avi
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File name: Hooters_F.avi
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File name: Hooters_G.avi
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