Casa Zeller 17

How come I did not attend to this one?... big mistake! Still I can't remember the reason...

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Rumberitas – El Regreso

How I missed them! You guys have no idea.

Yesterday I was in real need of a second camera; how I wish I had 4 arms and two cameras!

Me faltaron brazos y cámaras ayer para poder grabar todo cuando habría querido, me quedé con las ganas de más de Fabiola, Francinie y Gaby...

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Casa Zeller 20

Oh yes, I was there, and yes I had a camera with me.

And yes, Melissa Mora was also there. She is back, and I think she looks as good or even better than before. She must be the devil.

Download from Hotfile

Now, I would like to share this for free, but I can't. If you are a regular visitor I hope you have notice an improvement in terms of image quality, and that ain't for free. I need to recover at least part of my investment.

This is what is waiting for you in the download area.








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Resolution 1920 x 1080
Running time: 33 minutes
Cost: $2.30

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