Bruce Lee

Yeah, Bruce Lee... I KNOW FUCKING KARATE!!!


I know fucking karate but I just can't get the X264 CODEC to work on Windows 7.

I guess "7" is for the number of plagues one has to overcome in order to get the god damn thing working right.

Today's file comes in "mp4", as a courtesy of our Microsoft friends, and their nonoperative piece of crap, better know as "Windows 7". To be fair I must admit the machine feels amazingly stable, sturdy; but what is the benefit of that if I am unable to render files the way I like???

Oh! One last thing, see the girl in yellow in the top banner? Mother of not one, not two, but THREE children... mother ... MILF! >D

File name: Bruce_Lee.mp4
File size:106.52 MB

Man, I love watching their legs in slow-mo.

Yeeeaaah Bruce Lee... (and I love this track).

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