Pasarela Tentación

Una vez más, gracias a los señores de la Extra.

DISCLAIMER: I have nothing to do with audio in these files. I am bringing you this "as is"

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Negrini, Leiva, Arias y Zuñiga

I know you guys like her. I like her too. Here is Marcela Negrini for your viewing pleasure.

Grande la gente de Extra TV42, grande Melvin!

DISCLAIMER: I have nothing to do with audio in these files. I am bringing you this "as is"

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ES Fitness – 2010

The nightmare is finally over.

Bye bye Windows 7, welcome back XP, welcome back X264.

And HELLO Karla Cardenas, IT Engineer.... Smart and GORGEOUS!

(she is the girl in the top banner).

Download ES_Bikini_1_V2.avi from

And here is the whole thing.










[s2Member-PP-Button sp="1" ids="12228" exp="720" desc="ES Fitness 2010 - 1080" ps="pp" lc="" cc="USD" dg="0" ns="1" custom="" ra="2.10" image="default" output="button" /]
Resolution: 1920x1080
Running Time: 40 min, 03 sec.
Cost: $2.10

[s2Member-PP-Button sp="1" ids="12229" exp="720" desc="ES Fitness 2010 - 720" ps="pp" lc="" cc="USD" dg="0" ns="1" custom="" ra="1.10" image="default" output="button" /]
Resolution: 1280x720
Running Time: 40 min, 03 sec.
Cost: $1.10

Bruce Lee

Yeah, Bruce Lee... I KNOW FUCKING KARATE!!!


I know fucking karate but I just can't get the X264 CODEC to work on Windows 7.

I guess "7" is for the number of plagues one has to overcome in order to get the god damn thing working right.

Today's file comes in "mp4", as a courtesy of our Microsoft friends, and their nonoperative piece of crap, better know as "Windows 7". To be fair I must admit the machine feels amazingly stable, sturdy; but what is the benefit of that if I am unable to render files the way I like???

Oh! One last thing, see the girl in yellow in the top banner? Mother of not one, not two, but THREE children... mother ... MILF! >D

File name: Bruce_Lee.mp4
File size:106.52 MB

Man, I love watching their legs in slow-mo.

Yeeeaaah Bruce Lee... (and I love this track).

Dark and noisy, but…

Yes, I know, video is way to dark; and I could not fix it, but it would be a crime not to publish this...

Mops, el otro día Hellen Morales llegó a impartir cátedra a Casa Zeller; la mujer esta super fit. Por ahí hay varias que deben tener quien sabe cuantos años menos que ella y no se ven ni la mitad de lo bien que se ve ella.

La percha de Hellen no se consigue con dietitas pura paja, ese cuerpo ella lo está manteniendo con disciplina de gimnasio. Mi respeto para ella. CUERPAZO.

El video está oscuro y lleno de ruido, y no encontré forma de arreglarlo, pero aún así no creí justo dejarlo sin publicar.

File name: Zeller2_2S.00.avi
File size:113.23 MB

File name: Zeller2_2S.01.avi
File size:114.71 MB

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