Karen Brenes, como el vino…

Son ideas mías o Karen Brenes cada vez se ve mejor?

Karen Brenes - Fiesta TV, Hotfile

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And... a "goodie"

The first girl in this next clip... she is 15 years old.

Not the prettiest girl around... I mean, if you manage to look at her face, which I did after like... 45 replays.

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15... *sigh*, X264, AC3, Hotfile

T+H 2008 – 03

In order of appareance: Claudia Venegas, Alexandra Vasquez and Lorena Vega

TMH_2008_03, X264, AC3, Hotfile

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And yes, my very first candid... In my defense I would like to say that she seemed very pleased with the attention; I was about to talk to her when her fat-full-of-envy-friends grabbed her by the arm and pulled her away... yet she was still looking at me while leaving, and had a curious-naughty smile on her face.

(damn fat-friends! daaammnnn yoouuuuu!!!)

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Candid, X264, AC3, Hotfile

Flashback: T+H – 2009

Yesterday I was about to put hands to work to render a new video of the "Teja + Hot" 2011 when I realized I have unpublished footage of 2008's event (yeah, unpublished, go figure...), including my beloved Dianita Montero, The Queen.

That's wrong. This needs to be straighten up!

T+H 2008, Dianita Montero, X264, AC3, Hotfile

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T+H 2008, Varias, X264, AC3, Hotfile

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