Kathryn Arbenz, do I need to say more?

She was wearing this mini-skirt the other day... good god... my mouth was on the floor! Take a look at those legs; that is what I call PERFECTION.

Kathryn Arbenz - Intrusos

Kathryn Arbenz - Intrusos, AVI 640x480, Megaupload

This is a bonus clip, she is not "tica", she is from Brazil, her name is Paloma Fiuza, and it looks she will be landing on our country in the next days...

Paloma Fiuza - Intrusos

Paloma Fiuza - Intrusos, AVI 640x480, Hotfile

Paloma Fiuza - Intrusos, AVI 640x480

Update: Paloma Fiuza bailando Reggaeton... sin palabras.


Paloma Fiuza - Bailando Reggaeton, Intrusos, AVI 640x480, Hotfile

Paloma Fiuza - Bailando Reggaeton, Intrusos, AVI 640x480

Reef Madness

By request, here they are RAW.

I just had to switch the audio in one of the files, because I was talking smack with a friend of mine (VAMPI!!!) during one of the sessions (believe it or not we were talking about Differential Calculus during a Reef Session... yeah, go figure!)

BTW, I think I forgot to say this  in the past: Once your payment is done, you should receive an email (at PP's registered email address) with your login credentials, along with the URL to access the files. We are talking seconds here, you make the payment, and 20 seconds later an email should arrive to your inbox.

Enough talk.

Here is a sample of what is inside.

Por cierto, seguro escucharon a un mopri gritar al 1:09 "qué se lo vuelva a entregar!!!".... pues ese fui yo...

Ahora entienden porque le cambio el audio a los videos?????? :P

Cost: $2.10

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Blast from the past

Today I give you some of my most precious treasures, some "Prime Quality Content".

One of these videos features Liz Rincón and Sara Ramírez, two of the most beautiful colombian girls I have ever seen.

Special thanks to "John" for this new version of the "Besame 2008" runway.


In this next video we have the infamous Michelle López, our 100% homegrown porn star!! Also (and to my surprise) Betzaida Montero, before her implants (along with some other surgical "upgrades") came into the picture... yes, it is her, believe it or not.


I think the brunette in this last video is Leydi Zea, but I am not sure... and I have no idea who the blonde might be, anyone? Ericka Botero perhaps? Lina Posada???








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Cost / Costo: $1.50

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